Hello… My name is Athina and I welcome you to our Seven Senses Community!

I was born and grew up in the vibrant city of Athens Greece where I studied

advertising and marketing. Possessing a curious mind, and feeling deeply drawn

to the arts, I found time to take University courses in art history, and also get

a diploma in photography as a way to express my artistic inspiration and calm my restless spirit. 

My life changed dramatically in my early 30s and I drove myself to an entirely different path, closer to nature.   

Since then, as a passionate filmmaker and a documentary producer, traveling all over Greece and abroad, I’ve had the opportunity to discover mostly unknown places and hidden gems of Greek culture and food. 

Endless stories, traditions, natural herbal recipes, and remedies which I also adapt as a genuine vegan person who strongly believes in the healing forces of Nature. 

I strongly believe that Mother Nature provides us solutions to help detoxify ourselves and re-design the way we think, live, and work.

Now is the time to build a solid reputation around our Greek herb heritage and influence people around us to stay in connection with nature, to stay balanced, and heal their inner self. 

Go Green 🌿 Stay Natural 🌿 Preserve Nature